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Natural Beef


Dwelland Hill is proud to offer a variety of natural beef pricing options for today's health conscious consumer.

Whole Beef

$4.35/lb dressed weight payable to Dwelland Hill Farm

Half Beef

$5.35/lb dressed weight payable to Dwelland Hill Farm

Quarter Beef

$6.35/lb dress weight payable to Dwelland Hill Farm

You pay Dwelland Hill Farm for the beef only. You will pay the butcher, Greenvalley Meats, separately for processing fees.


Greenvalley Meats charges $0.90/lb including cut, vacuum seal and label (subject to change without notice). We estimate a whole beef weight to be around 600lbs. This is only an estimate as weights can vary! We will deliver your animal to the processor and send you an invoice for fees. You are responsible for customizing your cutting instructions with the butcher: Joe Albert at Greenvalley Meats 434-299-5529. You are responsible for pickup from Greenvalley Meats located at 2492 West Perch Rd. Monroe, VA. The processed beef is available for customer pickup only after receipt of full payment to Dwelland Hill farm. We process once a year in the Fall and pick up is usually scheduled for mid to late October.

Greenvalley Meats is located at  2494 W Perch Rd, Monroe, VA 24574. 

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