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Dwelland Hill Farm

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Why Choose Dwelland Hill?

Local Family Farm

For decades consumers have been fooled into thinking all beef is exactly the same, meaning, no matter what the animal is fed, the nutritional value, quality, and taste remains the same. Nothing could be further from the truth and Dwelland Hill is committed to providing you an alternative to the feedlot beef found in many retail supermarkets today.


So, why choose Dwelland Hill?

  • Dwelland Hill natural beef has a much lower caloric content than grain-fed feedlot beef.

  • Studies have shown that natural beef contains 2-6 times more "omega-3 fatty acids", considered to be a "good" fat which helps reduce cancer risk.

  • Dwelland Hill is committed to producing pastured, free-range beef, raised on our local, Bedford County farm within the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.

  • Dwelland Hill natural beef is free of steroids and uneccessary antibiotics. This translates into healthy living for you and your family.

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