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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Natural Beef?
    Natural is defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as “containing no artificial ingredient or added color and only minimally processed.” Dwelland Hill extends the concept of natural beef by eliminating the use of steroids or unnecessary antibiotics when raising our beef. Dwelland Hill has achieved great success in producing tender, flavorful beef through a combination of grass-fed, pasture-raised and grain finishing techniques.
  • What is dressed weight?
    "Dressed" weight is the weight of your beef after slaughter. The price per pound you pay for beef is based on the "dressed" weight. The final poundage of meat you receive will depend on your personal cutting and meat selections.
  • Is the beef aged?
    All our beef is dry aged for 14 to 21 days. Aging has been found to significantly increase beef tenderness and flavor. Fully developed beef flavor is typically developed after 11 days and flavor continues to increase as aging time increases
  • What about freezer space?
    Generally, 50 lbs. of meat will fit in about 2.25 cu ft of freezer space. The empty freezer compartment of an average-sized home refrigerator will usually hold one-eighth of a beef. Quantities larger than this will require a stand-alone freezer or another refrigerator-freezer.
  • Does purchasing in bulk provide greater savings?
    Purchasing beef in bulk provides greater savings than purchasing beef at retail prices. Purchasing beef in bulk eliminates the need to run out to the local grocery store, instead just walk over to the freezer and a variety of beef selections will be at your fingertips. Purchasing in bulk is more affordable because it averages out the price of steaks and ground beef. Cowpooling is a great way for families to share costs of a whole or half beef. This is a great way to start buying beef in bulk if you have never done so before.
  • Why do I pay the processor separately?
    Splitting a cow is processed under the "custom exemption", therefore, legal reasons require that the processor must be paid directly by the person buying the animal from us.
  • How do I get my beef?
    We will deliver your animal to the processor and send you an invoice for fees. You are responsible for customizing your cutting instructions with the butcher: Joe Albert at Greenvalley Meats 434-299-5529. You are responsible for pickup from Greenvalley Meats located at 2492 West Perch Rd. Monroe, VA. The processed beef is available for customer pickup only after receipt of full payment to Dwelland Hill farm.
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